About us

Attitudes is a three-year capacity building and co-creation project in the field of hip hop dance, that will result in six co-productions for stage and alternative spaces, gathering audiences at twenty-five different touring locations in six countries. Attitudes is run by CCNRB (FR), Dansekapellet (DK), HOP Festival (ES), Kampnagel (DE), Norrlandsoperan (SE) and Summer Dance Forever (NL).

Attitudes is co-funded by the European Union 🇪🇺.





The CCN of Rennes and Brittany (CCNRB) belongs to the network of 19 national choreographic centers in France which constitute a basis for creation, production, and dissemination of choreographic works.

In January 2019, Collectif FAIR-E —composed of Bouzid Ait Atmane, Iffra Dia, Johanna Faye, Céline Gallet, Linda Hayford, Saïdo Lehlouh, Marion Poupinet, and Ousmane Sy (who passed away in December 2020)—took over as the head of the CCN. The first collective to be appointed to head a brandname institution, FAIR-E embodies a new generation of hip hop dancers and defends auteur dance that is fully integrated into the panorama of contemporary dance.



Dansekapellet is a publicly funded cultural institution under the city of Copenhagen. With a special focus on hip hop dance (street- and club dance) Dansekapellet works to promote dance as an art form through different dance programs. Dansekapellet works nationally and internationally with several partners on co-productions, festivals, youth programs, exchange programs and networks. 

A black box, four dance studios and an outdoor stage, are in use all year, hosting a wide range of dance activities and dance performances for dance enthusiast of all ages. Dansekapellet wants to offer a safe space where everyone in the dance community can meet and exchange through dance. Where there is room for inclusion, creativity and exchanges for people of all ages and abilities: amateurs, up comings and professionals within the dance community, locally, nationally and internationally.


HOP Festival

HOP is the only Spanish organization specialized in urban culture and dance based in Barcelona. Its exclusive mission is to support the creation, spread and representation of dance and urban culture. The festival was established in 2011 by the “El Generador Art i Creació Cultural” association, a non-profit entity founded in Barcelona in 2007. 

HOP continually seeks local, national and international alliances with youth centers, festivals, cultural facilities, private institutions, and theaters. Its main objective is to facilitate the democratization of urban culture and bring it closer to all the diverse population.



Kampnagel is a world-renowned international production house presenting contemporary performing arts, concerts, conferences and a variety of different. It’s a productive laboratory for the development of ideas and place for controversy, opening up to society and processing the surrounding reality in art. In total, Kampnagel hosts over 900 events per season, attracting 180,000 visitors to the site.



Norrlandsoperan is a venue and production house in Umeå, the North of Sweden, working with dance, a symphony orchestra, art and opera. It is one of Sweden’s most vivid platforms for dance that co-produces and presents app 25-30 projects per year. By providing residencies, co-production, mentoring and international networking Norrlandsoperan tries to enable sustainable production and touring for dance artists and collectives.

Since 2015, Norrlandsoperan has focused on hip hop culture through the platform/festival Up North – an initiative with hip hop dance presentations and an annual festival. To strengthen the hip hop sector locally, nationally and internationally with opportunities for community support, resources, opportunity to meet, share and explore.


Summer Dance Forever

Summer Dance Forever is an internationally acclaimed hiphop dance festival, taking place each year in August for seven days in the city of Amsterdam. Dancers from around the world gather to enjoy this dance feast, packed with the best of today and the great promises of tomorrow. Organized in several venues around town, Summer Dance Forever presents a great variety of next level battles, dance performances, club nights and workshops. 

Next to the summer festival, the more intimate Summer Dance Forever Weekender takes place every year in February, focusing on the House Dance Battle, Clubbing Forever, several club nights, performances and workshops.