Camilla Siddu

So Close, Away

Conversations with the past

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“So Close, Away – Conversations with the Past” takes a closer look at love’s gestures through the lens of the story of three childhood friends and their connection. The narrative explores how separation impacts relationships and how these small gestures profoundly influence our lives, building unique memories in our journeys.


Camilla Siddu is a Copenhagen-based Hip Hop Dancer and Choreographer. Her dance is grounded in the foundations of Hip Hop with a focus on freestyle. Member of the Whitenoise crew, she works as a teacher, Judge, and Choreographer at national events in Italy and Denmark, while also competing at international events.

Michael Rossi is a dancer and music producer with Swiss-Jamaican roots. His dance skills span various HipHop styles, excelling in Popping. Part of Whinenoise Crew, he won many international competitions Like Juste Debout Italy, and Redbull DanceYourStyle (Top 16 World Final), and currently works as a teacher, judge, and professional dancer.

Zuni Trosborg is a dancer and fashion designer with Afro-Danish roots, based in Denmark. He works as a professional model and dancer for several brands and events, and he actively participates in international competitions. He is a member of the Cypher Movement crew (Aarhus), and the creator of Zuni Monney, an up-cycling brand.