Kaê Brown Carvalho & Jerson Diasonama

Jogo de Dentro

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Literally translated as “interior game” and inspired by the Angolan game of capoeira, Jogo de Dentro is the story of a meeting between two hip hop dancers from mixed cultures. This first piece is an opportunity for Kaê Brown Carvalho and Jerson Diasonama to explore a common and eclectic heritage, a similar yet distinct language. A sensory journey along the paths crossed by Angola, Portugal, Brazil and France.


Born into a family of dancers, Kaê Brown Carvalho (FR) followed his parents Michelle Brown & Armando Pekeno’s (Cie Ladaïnha) tours from an early age. Trained in capoeira and contemporary dance, he transitioned to b-boying in 2011, founding Les Ratz crew in Rennes, France. Kaê’s style, blending fluidity of contemporary dance with capoeira touch, has led to collaborations with François Frenetik, Zombeavers, and Saïdo Lehlouh, among others.

Jerson Diasonama (FR), a hip hop-trained dancer, collaborates with various choreographers, enriching his eclectic body language. Notable works include collaborations with Saïdo Lehlouh and Johanna Faye. In 2017, he founded Essenscorp, exploring movement aesthetics, with his performance Core winning 3rd prize at Danse élargie competition in 2022.