Iron Skulls


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Mirar, a work of performing arts resulting from a choreographic exploration of perspective. is an artistic project that combines dance, physical theater and elements of contemporary culture to explore how our perception influences the interpretation of art and life. This project seeks to create a choreographic work that serves as a means of reflection on the way we observe and are observed in our daily interaction with art and society.

About Iron Skulls

Since 2013, Iron Skulls has expanded the boundaries of movement, innovating through the hybridization of breaking in performing arts, with the goal of cultural transmission. The essence of the company combines the sensitivity of contemporary dance with the strength of urban dance alongside theatre, transcending the limits of movement disciplines.

Their passion for the hybridization of outside elements into dance forms part of the company’s distinctive stamp, where visual arts and technology form a fundamental part of the creative process. In this way, by creating artistic universes that explore the past, present, and future, the dance company produces award-winning shows in the performing arts world, where innovation is the motor of social and cultural transformation.